Beautiful Paper

Paper can be used in so many different ways — to decorate a space, to invite someone to an event, and as a home for artwork. Creative illustrators and designers are always thinking up new uses, and ways to upgrade conventional uses. Here are some examples of beautiful paper.


Stitch the Stars 2014 Calendar Kit via Heather Lins Home 98a3f74d71919e5e6a1ea4106b952f60Botanical Illustrated Cards via Rifle Paper Co. 78177fbbe50ea14c271d313ffbd51267

Watercolor Engagement Party Invitations via Style Me Prettya8bcf747d9d0008a2606ec20d2ef1355

Creative Wrapping Ideas via Camille Stylesb7120d6d5197800bc2f1c4e897b748a3

Paper Bag Menus via Style Me Prettye589f03b3eb6b534cdfb6a4b4543c716

Glassine Paper Confetti Bags via Martha Stewart

One comment

  1. The “Stitch the Stars 2014 Calendar Kit” pulled my eye in to this post. I like how you formatted your photos, but I would rather there not to be as much scrolling. I appreciate the simplicity of your blog.

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