Weekly Pinterest Design Inspiration

Here is a roundup of some of the best home design pins of the week!

5a5d5a8fd7864eced2030dc86d9bd667Image via j-siddhartha.tumblr.com

Unusual tile work paired with a vintage cart gives an industrial-modern feel. Plants provide a pop of color and texture.

fc4f53cfd0665fb035facc7bb20b670cImage via http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodfirer/sets/72157603778854601/

Ceramics by Priscilla Mouritzen use texture and pattern to create interest with a natural color scheme. Each piece is organically inspired, and could stand alone or pair well with a vibrant green plant.

0ad0719a9a35e78b92ed5e57c2e55896Image via http://beautifulthingsthatmakemehappy.files.wordpress.com

A gallery wall becomes a focal point of any room, and can be used to display old photographs or artwork collections. This gallery uses a neutral color scheme with natural materials against a stark white wall for a modern appeal.

d8d1190adba13c3a175ac866caeec625Image via http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/20845382

These ombre wall shelves were created using reclaimed wood, making them an environmentally-friendly DIY project that adds complexity to otherwise minimalist decor.

One comment

  1. I enjoyed your blog, it’s beautiful to look at. I really am not interested in design generally, but your blog kept my interest, and this post specifically had the nice addition of the descriptions underneath the photos. You can tell as a reader that you care about what your posting about, and that you can apreciate the beauty of design. The descriptions under the photos are cool because they make it clear why the design your choosing to showcase is important, and not just a pretty picture.

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