Valentine’s Day on Etsy

I can’t think of anywhere better to shop for creative and unique products than Etsy. The website allows users to make and operate their own virtual shops, and both members and non-members can purchase from them using Paypal or major credit cards. Shopping on Etsy is something you can feel good about, because it supports independent designers and artists. And, in many cases, products are one-of-a-kind, so every purchase feels special.

I did some sleuthing for the best Valentine’s Day items on Etsy, and discovered some great finds.


This multicolored tassel from BlushBazaar would be a great addition to a Valentine’s Day get together. I would hang it over a table of Valentine’s-themed desserts to create a focal point in any room.


This clever card by neatshop doubles as decor — it unfolds into a gold geometric heart poster you can view year-round.


This cute little guy from finkelsteins is a great Valentine’s gift for kids that adults can enjoy too, with its clever design and hand-stitched details.

il_570xN.553483175_ichsEtsy is a popular destination for sassy cards you won’t find at Hallmark, like this one from LionheartPrints.

4e91e068adba848c59e87e0475239542And, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this one from emilymcdowelldraws that reminded me of lazy Saturday mornings with my husband.



  1. Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. I really enjoyed this post in particular, because it has a lot of spunk and variety. I also particularly like that its theme was pretty specific, and that all of these had to do with celebrating Valentine’s day. I will say, though, that your posts seem pretty random and could use more continuity in them, or a central kind of design for each one.

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