Red, White & Peach

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, I am loving some of the holiday ideas that are still circulating on Pinterest and other blogs. They are proof that red, white and pink color schemes don’t have to end just because the holiday is over. Below are a few that caught my eye:


Bouquet used for a Valentine’s Day-inspired event photo shoot via Style Me Pretty


Valentine’s Day desserts and gift tags via Kelli Murray (you can download the tags to print here)


Matte pink and red lipstick (both shades can be purchased at Sephora)


Stunning flower photography by Jen Huang


Peachy garden roses (image via

One comment

  1. I love to read your blog because it’s just like going to pinterest. You always talk about the cutest, most unique little ideas I never would have thought of. I particularly like your posts, because sometimes going to pinterest can be overwhelming when there are so many options and directions to go. You always seem to have adorable, yet simple, ideas that makes me smile, and that are always timely and pertinent! Keep up the good work!!

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